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Eco - magic in harmony with nature.

The most urgent problems of the modern world in this environment.

Today, their recognition and regional issues, such as the many global problems is one of today's problems.
Losses on the nature of these factors, the type is completely different. He found his way to damage tourism in addressing environmental issues, is to educate and improve the environment. Uzbekistan Ecotourism is nature, beautiful, beautiful summer season, one of the dry, warm winter warm, rainy light and honey, with bright spring flowers and beautiful sky almost all year round sunshine.
Resistant soft colors, yellow, white, green and blue expanded more than just pictures. Golden sand and gray desert, green valleys and beautiful blue lake sheltered as a miracle of nature is appreciated. The most beautiful mountains in the south of the steep cliffs, deep rocky ridge, in the northern part of the low mountain ranges turned to leave anyone indifferent tourists.
Ecotourism development, any doubt about the beauty of the eyes to see and admire the colorful impressions, many works have been performed.
Eco-product of the unity between man and nature!

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