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Ethnic tourism - the life and traditions.

Ethno-tourism as a tour of discovery of the same, the main goal of all who live in the architecture, culture, customs and life of the people, an ethnic group to investigate the cause of any city you can visit.

For the rest, this kind of people, traditions, folklore, customs and culture, tourism has great interest.
Get to know other cultures and peoples, ethnic characteristics, their uniqueness and its entire people will help create a complete picture of the world in many ways. Ethno-tourism around the world their unique heritage of culture spread between the vehicle and the other countries will contribute to the development of the exchange.
Ethnic tourism is one of the areas now in many countries for cultural tourism. The world practice shows that the person is able to meet the spiritual needs of tourism. Ethnic tourism is the most important organization is to introduce the culture and traditions of different ethnic groups. One of the traditions of his life, the rhythm and pulse of the country will contribute to the improvement of relations between people.
Ethnic tourism is divided into two main types. Firstly, the traditional culture and way of life of people in the properties of existing settlements. These calculations show or exhibition is called, and they are permanent, may be temporarily
Ethnic Tourism in Uzbekistan - this is one of the most spectacular views: cool, especially human life, customs, traditions, folklore, cuisine from across the country to learn about arts and crafts, performing,
Uzbek ethnic tourism is expected to be bright and memorable. In the end, you original national treasure, a few hundred years rich ancient eastern ethnic group to meet! And I wonder what you mean: old Uzbek traditions to this day with you. All important events in human life: birth, meet weddings, funerals - from ancient times, colorful traditions will be able to cope. If a foreign guest of the Uzbek people visited the festival, its customs, traditions, costumes, singing and dancing, it will be good memories and moments. Hospitality people sue the hotel to its national dishes and their caregivers. For example: soup, Samson, soup, dumplings and other Uzbek dishes.
One of the most vivid impressions of this arts and crafts If you are familiar with: a thin lacquer miniatures, jewelry, a set of national embroidery, original ceramics and monuments with time, a few years later, however, the memory of the sealed,
Uzbek culture, heritage and ethnic festivals different from other countries. One example of such events - the festival "Baysun Spring" is its local nature, the beauty of the great and famous, this festival will be held in the spring of each province. In summary, we grow up; we always look forward to welcoming you to sunny Uzbekistan!

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