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Cultural tourism: a journey to the ancient city

Has shown remarkable resilience in the city and have been tested for thousands of years, is not it? If you do not have to travel to ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, Uzbekistan - this is not for you, but only interesting excursions, but relatively saturated.

Not Uzbek culture and tourism, the country in which not less interesting, China, India, Greece, Turkey and the civilization of the richest cities will be interesting to travel.
Cultural tourism for you at the age of the oldest in the country, cultural and historical heritage is not inferior to a wealth of information. To you a clear indication of the material culture of the Silk Road, the ancient land will be more interesting information. Uzbekistan, said cultural tourism - historical and architectural monuments, walls, wind-blown debris, ancient mosques and madrassas, towers, palaces, tombs, caravan and other ancient monuments. Great cultural and leisure travelers to the east of the country's unique culture and ancient history with a great opportunity to learn. Remains of the heritage of the past centuries, and today we have today, has become a modern oriental tale city of Uzbekistan. Most of them you've probably heard of. Vacation, sightseeing attractions and Travel Information for curious tourists with information about the culture, which has become. Above all, cultural tourism, tourists were drawn immediately to the attention of Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Because this city is famous for its ancient architecture of the East. Samarkand - for being the most beautiful city in the world, Amir Temur then founded his empire. Calculated in accordance with the legendary capital of the Great Silk Road, Bukhara, the Samanid dynasty is an unprecedented cultural city. This is the most important city in the center of X-XI centuries ancient cultures of cities. Each of the Uzbek city of any historical and cultural monuments, manuscripts, and shows the secret history. Museums and places of interest you express train across the country will have a nice stage with national exquisite taste of her wonderful, unique in that you will be amazed. - History in the beginning of the first century. Many historical monuments to survive in this century. Age, hundreds and hundreds of years of modern Uzbekistan, located in castles, churches, and, as a simple source of pleasure for tourists.. Sunshine Uzbekistan Cultural tourism is waiting for you!

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