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Tashkent TV tower

Construction of Tashkent TV tower had begun in 1978 and on January 15th, 1978 it began work. Its height is 375 meters which is 75 meters higher than the famous Eiffel tower. Weight of Tashkent TV tower is 6000 tons, 3000 tons less than the creation of Eiffel.

At the launch, Tashkent TV tower was the fourth highest in the world. In 1991 Tashkent TV tower was included into the Federation of great world towers and today takes 911' place among more than 200 towers in various countries.
Besides the dimensions, our TV tower is distinguished by unique architectural, engineering and artistic approaches that have been applied considering that it is constructed in highly seismic danger area. Tashkent TV tower stands on three conical struts. Thin 12-dimensioned trunk vaulted with an antenna seems to nearly touch the skies. The hall of the tower is decorated with mosaic panel designed by A. Burhabaev in Florentine and Roman styles. Unique construction of the TV tower was designed by professional architects such as N.G. Terziv-Tsarukov, D.Ya. Semashko, and the engineers E.P. Morozov and M.D. Musheev.
Basic functions of Tashkent TV towers are TV and radio broadcasting. The TV tower is used for connection purposes by many ministries and agencies, commercial organizations; it also houses the Uzbek hydro-meteorological center.
However, during the design and building stage, this tower complex was planned to have a double function: technical and entertaining. Hence at 100-meters, where the visitors are delivered by high-speed elevators, there is an inspection gallery and the “Koinot” restaurant which serves the best meals of traditional Uzbek cuisine and contains a bar. Two restaurant halls, “Blue” and “Red” are situated above each other and within an hour make a full revolution around the tower axis. This height renders possible an incredible view on picturesque panorama with city sidewalks and parks, fountains shining in the sunlight with blue domes of modern and ancient architectural buildings.

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