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The Courage Monument

The Courage Monument is the symbolic monument of strength of Tashkent citizens.
On 26lh of April, 1966 as the result of a devastating earthquake (7-8 point according to the Richter’s scale) many houses, factories, cultural, medical and educational places were severely da-maged.

This earthquake which destroyed Tashkent changed the original view of the city as well as the lives of most of city inhabitants.
For the reconstruction of the city thousands of people from Russia and former Soviet countries were mobilised and they arrived with compassion and willingness to help. Within 3.5 years new districts and regions, architectural complexes and unique public buildings had been constructed.
Courage Monument was inaugura-ted on 20"’ of May, 1976 in memory of international friendship of people whose help and support made the re-creation of Tashkent city possible to be accomplished in short period of time.
The Courage Monument is a cube made of black granite broken into two halves. On one of them there is a clock dial stopped at 5:23 p.m., the time of first stroke; the other half contains the date, 26'h of April, 1966. Zigzag-shaped crack from the cube leads to the sculpture representing a woman hugging a child and a man which is trying to protect his family from the disaster with his body. The monument symbolizes the power of Tashkent people when facing the strength of this natural disaster.
Today the Courage Monument has become one of the city sights which is visited by foreign delegations and tourists, the newlyweds and in the evenings local people like to come here for a walk.

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