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The Timurids Historical Museum

This State museum of history was opened in Tashkent on the 18th of October, 1996 in commemoration of 660th anniversary of Amir Timur, the great state governor and commander. The museum was founded by the initiative and under the supervision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganievich Karimov.

Being quite unusual in its design with a gorgeous dome on the top, the museum is an architectural masterpiece which has combined both ancient and modern traditions. The decor of the building includes curvy white pillars, carved wooden doors and a huge fresco. The interiors of the museum are designed with marble, dome ceiling is painted and covered with tinsel according to the best traditions of Uzbek ornamental art, the walls are faced with the frescos styled with eastern miniature painting telling about the life of Amir Timur and various historical events leading from ancient time up to the present. All this amazing combination takes visitors into the world created by Amir Timur where science, art and crafts were rapidly developing; astonishing buildings are being constructed in a prosperous state.
From the first days of its existence the museum has become the center that charts the history of scientific discoveries and investigations. Incompatible jewelry and weapons, the military outfits, musical instruments, letters of Amir Timur, Babur, and astronomic instruments of Ulugbek are preserved as national treasure. Such historically valuable documents as Amir Timur’s and his descendants correspondence with his European monarchs, artistic miniatures and the copies of pictures of Amir Timur painted by European artists of those times can be found in the museum. The originals of those pieces of art are sealed in National library of France. These and many other cultural treasuries attributed to the Timurids era reflecting the history of Uzbekistan from the 14'h century attain great historical value.

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