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Tashkent clock tower

Tashkent clock tower, located in the centre of the city near the city administration, is one of the symbols of the capital of Uzbekistan. Its grand opening took place on the eve of the second anniversary of the Victory Day over fascism, on May 9, 1947.

The turret clock came to the city two years earlier from the shores of the Baltic, suburb of Koenigsberg, former centre of Eastern Prussia, become Kaliningrad region of Russia after the war. This complex mechanism of the clock with chimes had been brought to Tashkent by hereditary watchmaker Alexander Ayzen-shtein, who served in the military commissariat during the war periods. Soon the contest was announced on best project of Tashkent clock tower, by which the building gained high significance and status of Victory memorial.
The architect of this 30-metre buil-ding was A. A. Mukhamedshin, the Chief Engineer was V. Levchenko. The Tashkent clock tower was decorated under the direction of Usto Shirin Muradov - famous ganch-carver, decorator-artist, architect, honorary member of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
Restoration of famous Tashkent clock tower and at the same time the construction of the new clock tower nearby took place on the 2200th anniversary of Tashkent city. The new clock tower looks identical to the first one but turned round to opposite site.
After the restoration the Tashkent clock tower became more remarkable. They say that it is ideal place for meetings since couples of sweethearts meet right under this clock tower.

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