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Mustakillik square

Mustakillik square is the main square in Uzbekistan which symbolizes the independence of the nation. The entrance of the square Mustakillik is designed with the arch called “Ezgulik” (the Arch of good and noble aspirations) with rising up storks.

The road under the arch leads to the centre of square, where the “Monument of Independence and Humanism” is situated. It includes two memorials: the “Monument of Independence” and the “Monument of Happy Mother”. The "Monument of Independence” (1991), which expresses the sovereignty of Uzbekistan, represents as big golden terrestrial globe with contour of the state borders (territory). The “Monument of Happy Mother” (2006), where mother clasps to her bosom her child, is the symbol of peace and happy future. This artistic complex became one of the symbols of glory and honour, pride of the nation, the state, and the national governance.

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