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Yunus-khan mausoleum

Yunus-khan mausoleum was built in the end of the 15th century in honor of a governor of Tashkent - Yunus-khan (1415-1487). This memorial of the Timurids era is considered to be one of the few ancient monuments on Tashkent territory.

Yunus-khan mausoleum type is rare in Central Asia due to the plan of the mausoleum’s khanaka which is T-shaped (its analogue can be found in Iran). Construction has a complicated structural configuration with central cross-shaped hall with extended semi 8-dimensioned niche and corner hudjras; elongated side wings from the main facade with premises located inside. The dome in the hall is standing on crossing arks; star-shaped domes on thyroid sails are located in the premises. The decor of the interior is constituted of stone pillars, the traces of small stalactites (mukamas) can be noticed under the ark. The hall has its mysteries, no burials were found on its territory and with unusual doors that were musical - between the flaps of the door, ancient eastern musical instrument “chang” was skillfully built in.

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