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Sheikh Havendi at-Tahur mausoleum

Sheikh Havendi at-Tahur mausoleum is considered the most ancient construction, potted on the territory of Tashkent. It was built on the order of Amir Timur above the grave of the Sheikh at the end of the 14th century.

The preserved construction is not original; it is built on old foundations that preserve the plan and architectural forms. The mausoleum contains ziyaratkhana (the worship room) and gurkhana (the vault). There are two premises in the vault: one of them, co-vered with the dome on a drum with 12 dimensions encloses the gravestone of at-Tahur. In a smaller housing, under the dome on an 8-dimensioned base there are burial sites which are considered to belong to his wife and son.
Tall dome of ziyaratkhana is dominating in the mausoleum composition and is followed by the dome of gurkhana and a number of smaller and lower ones.
The mausoleum is built from light-yellow bricks. No decoration can be observed. Only small blue majolica de-corative grids (pandjara) in lancet niches and on small tympanum by the entrance revive the brick laying. The main facade is designed as a small portal. At present, mausoleum is situated on the territory of Tashkent Islamic University.

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