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Muyi Muborak madrasah and Tilla-sheikh mosque

Muyi Muborak madrasah was built in the 18th century by the governor of Kokand Mirza Ahmed Kushbegi. The memorial is situated next to the Barak-khan madrasah (16th Century) accor-ding to the eastern “kosh” principle (“eye browses”) - where the portal of one madrasah is located right next to ano-ther.

Muyi Muborak madrasah includes summer pillared terrace and winter dome mosque - cathedral mosques of Tilla-sheikh (“The Golden sheikh”).
Tilla-sheikh mosque is an elongated Construction which is rectangular and is surrounded with 12 domes. Entrance is separated with partitions from the square prayer hall. In the front yard of the mosque there are winter and summer premises for prayers, terraces, small minaret, storehouses and a library. The mosque is decorated with carved mihrab niche, minrab (the throne for worship during Muslim prayer) and windows.
At present days, the famous Osman Koran dated back to the 7th century is preserved in the library building in special safe where certain temperature and humidity levels are maintained.

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