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Djuma mosque

Modern Djuma mosque (The main Friday mosque) is the main focus of the Reg-istan complex situated in Chorsu square district. The first construction of the mosque was accomplished with support of Sheikh Ubaydulla Ahror in the 15lh century.

The initial plan of Djuma mosque had been represented as an elongated rectangle. Entrance was not set apart by architectural forms and the long front yard was surrounded by one-level ark-domed galleries. These galleries were reconstructed into li-ving premises in the 18th century and the main building of the western aspect was built all over again in 1888 in the shape of traditional cube vaulted with the dome on a cylindrical drum. The mosque kept its planning base and construction elements.
After several renovations, Djuma mosque was and still is the main mosque of Tashkent. It shines with domes in its entire astonishing look surprising with gorgeous and amazing quietness of the architectural forms.

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