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Adbulkasim Sheikh madrasah

Adbulkasim Sheikh madrasah is a memorial to Adbulkasimkhan, who was great philosopher of his times (the 19th century).

Archaeological researches, historical documents and folk legends are evidence that initial building of the madrasah was constructed in the 16th century.
Originally it was one floor complex which included mosque, madrasah and bath-house. The second floor was completed in 1864 during the restoration of the madrasah. Abdulkasimkhan paid 30 thousand rubles for building the madrasah and financed education of 150 students each year. Khanaka Muyi Muborak became a part of the building of madrasah, which is one of the most significant constructions in the history of the city.
The walls of madrasah from entrance to each hudjra were ornamented with quota-tions (beyit-lines) of historical and educational meaning from the Koran. The secret (Modai tarih) about the year of construction is enciphered in lines of one of these be-yits. According to the “abjad” science, all 28 letters of Arabic alphabet correspond to appointed figures. Decoding all letters of the forth line of beyit in madrasah of Abdulkasim, the year of its construction is defined 1849.
After the death of the founder of the madrasah in 1892 the building was named in honor of Abdulkasim. In years of the soviet power remarkable buildings of the complex were destroyed, only the construction of madrasah kept safe. In present, the madrasah is one of the historical memorials secured by the government, is under the jurisdiction of city department of International charitable fund “Oltin meros” (“Golden heritage”).
Studios of the Academy of Arts are placed in 20 hudjras (rooms). Here national famous masters, members of the Academy of Arts, participants and winners of republic, regional and international exhibitions practice own skills.

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