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Namazgoh mosque

Namazgoh mosque was built in front of the Kaffal ash-Shash mausoleum in the middle of the 19lh century during the governance of Kokand khanate.

Its main facade stands out to the small inner yard. Central part of winter hall dominates in the building of Tashkent Namazgoh mosque which is continued with lowered wings of the dome galleries, shadowed with wooden pillared terrace.
The interior of the mosque is not decorated. The only element is mihrab niche in the main hall which is a small flat stalactitic in the vault. At present time, the monument is redesigned and its interiors are unfortunately distorted. Nowadays, this is a territory of Islamic Institute named after Imam al-Bukhari which was found ini 970 and had become a prestigious educational institution in Muslim world.

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