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Kaffal ash-Shash mausoleum

Kaffal ash-Shash mausoleum was built in the honor of Imam Abubakr Muhammad ibn Ismail A1 Kaffal ash-Shash.

It was constructed above the grave of the imam in 1541 by khanate architect of those times, Gulyam Huseyn. Unfortunately, the vault had not preserved its original structure.
The vault of the saint attracts one’s attention with an unusual architectural approach that had been applied. As the kubba of Kaffal ash-Shash was the place of pilgrimage, mausoleum used to be shaped as khanaka with asymmetrical dome portal planning. The khanaka was intended as shelter for the pilgrims in the carrels (hudjra). Despite massive architectural scales, building looks narrow and aspires to reach the sky. This effect is created by the blue dome constructed on the drum shaped as rectangular prism. The facade of the mausoleum is distinguished by monumental front side with majolica ornament. The grave of a saint is placed in a cited niche in western part of the vault and is bordered with wooden grating, pandjara.

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