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Hazret Hyzr mosque

The old mosque in the Samarkand national architectural style is located on the southern side of Afrasiab, at the crossroads near the central market.

{loadposition ad This mosque is named after the legendary Hazret Hyzr, an Islamic saint, eternal wanderer and a patron of travelers. It is said that the meeting with Hazret Hyzr was an unexpected occurrence and always brought happiness to people.
The building has many dates indicating the time of restoration works, which is quite untypical for architectural monuments. Today the mosque includes the portal entrance, darvazakhana (private room), lobby covered by a ribbed dome with a polyhedral tholobate, khanaka (monastery of dervishes) and a pillared ayvan (a portal with a vaulted niche).
Above the mihrab (prayer niche showing the direction of Mecca) there is an inscription saying that the mosque’s early restoration was conducted in 1271 AH (anno hegira “in the year of the hijra”) (1854). This might be the date of the major reconstruction. Below is another date - 1302 AH (1884) when the mosque’s khanaka was decorated.
In 1889 the ayvan of the mosque was rebuilt. In the same year the darvazakhana was constructed with an entrance from the eastern side. The date of the entrance gates is 1338 AH (1919), which indicates the time of the darvazakhana’s reconstruction and erection of the eastern minaret.
Carved ganch and coloured paintings on the ceiling decorate the interior. The mosque is a wonderful example of Samarkand school of national architecture. Hazret Hyzr was a patron saint of travelers capable of granting riches and success for distant journeys and trade.

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