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Khoja Daniyar mausoleum

The Khoja Daniyar mausoleum is situated on the northern side of the Afrasiab hill, by the old Samarkand wall near the small Siab River.

This splendid mausoleum, which was rebuilt in the beginning of the 20th century, was erected over the burial place of the prophet. This is one of the most sacred places in Samarkand because a notable Koranic and Biblical character of the prophet Daniyar (Daniel or Hodja Daniyar in the East) was buried here. A legend says that his remains were brought here by Amir Timur.
The mausoleum was constructed by the Samarkand masters and is a five-domed modern building. Inside the structure is the gravestone of Khoja Daniyar (18 metres long), which occupies almost all of the inner room. Archeological research shows that prior to the construction of the mausoleum, the stone was under the open sky. Scholars suppose that originally the burial place was covered by river stones. Besides, historical data indicate that the grave was rebuilt since the sacred symbols were located on its upper part and thus showed the location of the prophet’s grave.

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