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Ruhabad mausoleum

The laconic domed Ruhabad mausoleum (“The Abode of Spirit”) is located near the Gur-Emir mausoleum.

Sheikh Burkhan ad-Din Sagardji, his wife Bibi-Halifa and their ten children were buried here. Sheikh was bom in Sagardj village (modern Istyhan tuman (district) of Samarkand viloyat (region).
Burkhan ad-Din Sagardji had a righteous mode of life and was respected for his high moral qualities. He was married to a Chinese Princess and died in China. The body of the saint was brought to Samarkand and buried here with his children. It was Sagardji who personally asked to bury him in Samarkand, which he called “the city of God”.
The mausoleum was built in 1380 on behalf of Timur and on advice of Mir Said Baraka. The Ruhabad mausoleum is distinguished from other monumental and bright medieval monuments of Samarkand by its asceticism and compactness. There is no coloured facing mosaics and luxurious ornaments- everything is simple and austere.

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