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Imam al-Bukhari mausoleum

Located 30 km from Samarkand, the Imam al-Bukhari complex is a splendid construction which was built in accordance with modem technologies, but at the same time has preserved its eastern architecture.

One can enter the complex through the entrance portal, which is decorated with carved gates.
The Ismail al-Bukhari mausoleum stands on the central axis in the form of a rectangular prism, which is square at the foundation (the area is 9x9 m and the height is 17 m). The dome of the mausoleum is double, ribbed and decorated with blue tiles. The walls are decorated with mosaics, majolica, ganch, onyx and granite with a vegetative and geometric ornament. In the centre of the mausoleum is a tombstone coated with light green onyx.
The mosque, the khanaka and the gallery (with an area of 786 squared m) for 1500 believers to pray simultaneously are on the left side of the yard. On the right side there is a library and a museum with rare samples of manuscripts and litho-graphed books on Islamic theology as well as gifts of statesmen of different coun-tries, including a piece of kisva - a coverlet from the Kaaba in Mecca.
Behind the mausoleum is an educational center for hadith study.
In the centre of the courtyard is a reservoir -haouz- with ancient palm trees and a spring of healing water.

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