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Gur-Emir mausoleum

The Gur-Emir (translated as the grave of the ruler, i.e. Timur) - is a place where Timur, his sons and grandsons are buried.

Originally the mausoleum was built only for Timur’s grandson Mohammed Sultan, who died during a military campaign in 1403. The death of Mohammed Sultan was a great tragedy for Timur, who ordered to build a mausoleum within the territory of the ensemble of the young prince.
Mohammed Sultan was born in the family of Jehanghir. the elder son of Timur, and was considered as the successor of the throne.
The mausoleum (with an area of 79.5x51.7 m) is located in the southeastern part of Samarkand. It includes a madrasah and a Sufi khanaka. All sides of the courtyard were decorated by uninterrupted arches, pilasters and four two-tier minarets at the corners. The layout of these constructions was discovered during archeological excavations.
The interior of the mausoleum is decorated by means of architectural methods "'liich '-.ere typical for the 14-15th centuries: solid decorative coating, richness and luxury of patterns and colours. The high panel from green onyx used to be covered by ornamental blue and gilded inscriptions. The marble slabs above the panel are decorated by colourful inscriptions and gilt, while the walls are covered by enormous panels with a large starlike ghirih. The arches and the internal dome are ornamented by high-relief papier-mache cartouches, gilded and covered by a small floral ornament. The interior was decorated by wooden doors with a splendid carving, nacre and silver incrustation and colourful red, blue, violet, green and yellow stained-glass windows.
The architectural complex with its azure dome contains the tombs of Timur, his sons Shahrukh Mirza and Miranshah, grandsons Mohammed Sultan and Ulugbek and great grandsons (juvenile sons of Ulugbek). At the foot of Timur is the grave of Ulugbek. The largest gravestone of the mausoleum belongs to Timur’s spiritual teacher Mir Said Baraka, at the foot of whom Timur was willing to be buried. Every headstone is made from marble, only Timur’s headstone is from a solid block of dark green jade, which was placed over the grave of Timur under Ulugbek’s government. It was brought by order of Ulugbek and put on Timur’s grave. The ornate carved headstones in the inner room of the mausoleum merely indicate the location of the actual tombs which lie in a crypt directly underneath the main chamber.

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