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Bibi-Khanym mosque

The Bibi-Khanym is the largest mosque in Central Asia and one of the largest mosques in the entire Muslim world.

According to excavations, its dimensions were about 100x140 m. The Bibi-Khanym mosque (“The Oldest Wife”, according to a legend, it was built by Timur’s oldest wife Sarai-Mulk-Khanym) used to have a different name the Juma Mosque of Samarkand, where thousands of male Muslims came to pray.
In fact, the mosque was built in 1399-1404 by order of Amir Timur after his return from one of Indian campaigns.
Architects, artists and craftsmen from many countries were involved in the construction process and used their rich experience and traditions to create this grandiose complex. Today several constructions have been preserved: the portal, the mosques, the small mosques and the minaret. The entrance into the courtyard was designed in the form of a portal with two round minarets up to 50 m high.
By the beginning of 2003, restoration works conducted under the direction of chief engineer Khodikhon Akobirov were completed. The construction was almost entirely restored and presented to residents and guests of Samarkand.

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