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Palvan-Darvaza ensemble

The square at east Palvan-Darvaza gate was one of the liveliest places of Khiva. Here, the Anush-khan bathhouse and the single-storeyed building of Khodzam-berdybiya madrasah were constructed as far back as the XVII century.

A chain of Palvan-Darvaza ensemble constructions also made up the Palvan-Darvaza gallery, the Allakuli-khan madrasah, Tim, caravanserai, and on the other side of the square -the Kutlug-Murad-inak madrasah, Tash-khauli palace. The constructions saturation was so great that some of them went beyond the Ichan-Kala walls. It is not perceived as an art ensemble in its outward appearance, but has an assortment of different painting styles and a variety of silhouettes.

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