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The Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah

The Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah is located on the east side of Ichan-Kala, opposite to the Khodzhamberdybiya madrasah.

The madrasah was built by the uncle of the Allakuli-khan - Kutlug Murad-inak in 1804-1812.
The madrasah layout was constructed according to strict traditions. The facade with its high portal and two circles of loggias is rather modestly decorated with a blue mosaic.
There is a darskhona (premise for study), and also a mosque, overlapped with a low cone-shaped dome inside. There are 81 khudzhras in the Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah and it was the first two-storeyed madrasah in Khiva. The tow-ers-guldasta with raised lights was positioned on the madrasah’s four corners. They are decorated with glazed and terracotta tiles with a stamped drawing. The Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah is distinguishable from other similar constructions by its ornamental panel of impressive and unique terracotta and stalactites, on the facade of the arch apertures. Such decor did not appear on other structures until the beginning of the XIX century.

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