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The Allakuli-khan madrasah

The Allakuli-khan madrasah is located between the Tim (covered market) and east Palvan-Darvaza gate.

The Allakuli-khan main facade remained in the Khodzhamberdybiya madrasah court yard. The madrasah yard part consists of 99 two-storeyed khudzhras, built on the small domes of the Palvan-Darvaza gate and, partially, in the Tim arch pockets.
The larger premises of the madrasah - the halls of winter mosque and darskhona - occupied the height of two floors. The city library, which was established by the Khan, was positioned on the ground floor in several khudzhras and it provided all the students of the Khivan madrasah with books.
The majolica of the Khoresm type in black-and-white and blue tones prevails in the main facade decoration. The majolica range of colours and ornamental motives are varied and dispersed throughout. Depending on the place to be decorated, the artists-ceramicists carefully selected the scales and character of the drawing, pattern and colour saturation. The harmonious front part of the portal is impressive with a particularly bright and colourful majolica.

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