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The Muhammad Rakhim-Khan madrasah

The Muhammad Rakhim-Khan madrasah is one of the largest in Khiva and the most well known in Central Asia.

The madrasah building was begun by the order of the Khoresm Khan Muhammad Rakhim-khan II (1863-1910). The building construction was finished in 1876.
The madrasah consists of two court yards. The entrance from the street leads to a court yard, enclosed outside with a blank wall, and surrounded with one-storeyed khudzhras (cells) inside. The main two-storeyed building with the madrasah’s main facade has high portal towers in the court yard. The facade is mainly covered with white-blue majolica.
There were darskhonas (educational audiences), a rich library, winter and summer mosques in the madrasah. The internal four-ayvans court yard consists of 76 arch khudzhras. The madrasah khudzhras are blocked by domes - “balkhi” and there are compartments for domestic needs except for living room.

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