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The Muhammad Amin-khan madrasah

The biggest medieval madrasah not only in Khiva, but also in the whole of Central Asia is the Muhammad Amin-khan madrasah.

This architectural monument is placed opposite the Kunya-arch at the Ata-Darvaza gate. This two-storeyed madrasah was constructed by Muhammad Amin-khan during 1851- 1854.
It consists of an audience area, a number of rooms, winter and summer mosques and library. There are 125 khudzhras in the madrasah in total, it accepted up to 260 pupils.
The architecture of the madrasah building is amazing. The comfortable two-room khudzhras and the loggias were arranged on the front part of the building on the second floor, with the distinctive madrasah’s line - open arch niches on all external perimeters of the building. The turrets, characteristic for Khiva, with their apertures above, are adorned with belts of green glazed brick and domes, and facings with the same brick, are located in the corners of the facades
The main facade high portal is decorated with majolica and patterns of colour glazed brick. The rich decor also includes an ornamental carving of the doors and gunch lattices (pandzhara) of the windows.
The office of the Higher Muslim Court was located here, except for the spiritual school.

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