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Juma mosque (Khiva)

Khiva Juma Mosque - Khiva (Khorezm) is an architectural monument (10-18 century). Ichan connecting the gates of the castle gate in the central part of the OMA and Polvonov in the street.

Juma Mosque on the first 10th-century Arab tourists from al-holiness (Maqdisi) and al-lstaxriy found in the manuscripts. According to sources, the first building of the Juma mosque instead of the corrupt and Abdurrahman Mehta in the same way large new mosque was built on the orders of (1788). The mosque is marked by the distinctive style and size. One storey, the area is surrounded by a brick wall. The other difference between the oldest mosques it is built in the Arab architectural style (indoor, multi-column and cottages).
The courtyard surrounded by terraces, huge roof, domed rooms there. Take is enlightened inside through a hole in the ceiling of the two. Flat roofs, beams, the ceiling is raised above 212. 17 rows of columns, the range of Z, 5xZ, 5 m. Located in the center of the southern wall of the sanctuary. The outer walls of the simple decorations. Otherwise the door is made of wood carving is a unique example. The interior decor is simple, gypsum plaster. Iraq margin blue painted altar paintings (18th-century) saved. The pillars of the mosque along with its artistic design are the basis of the structure. They are a kind of balance and have a look. 212 columns 10-14 ages 25 columns is the most ancient structure has a lot of style designs. 10-11-ages 4 column deep carved pattern, combined with Kufic Islamic patterns. It jurist Muhammad Abul raised Laith built by the decree. 11 - 12 Ages 17 column a relatively narrow range of patterns carved its handasiy -style, filled with vegetable forms, notes the letter written script (saved) the 15th century. One of the pillars is recorded since 1510. They are near the altar of marble boards can be installed at the same time. Small marble board 1666 UIL, the second marble flooring record Minister Abdur command Quyuqtom and Bekabad villages mosque private lands are given income and donations, and the need for a mosque should be spent (1788-89) all placed in particular on the basis of a combination of the columns. In 1990, the last repair the eve of the 2500 anniversary of the completion of Khiva.

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