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Balyand mosque

Balyand mosque is located in the southern part of Bukhara. It was built in the beginning of the 16th century in a wealthy Bukhara neighbourhood.

Balyand mosque (in translation - “the high”) owes its name to a high stone base.
This building is a typical example of a block mosque. The mosque consists of two parts - the summer and the winter ones. The winter part represents cube-shaped building.
It is surrounded and shadowed with the terrace and astonishes with its decorated interior. The terrace is a summer mosque. The pillars of the terrace are shaped in a form of stalactites made in the 19th century from wood and is supported by the fundamental base.
Inside the building, both the walls and the premises are painted with golden ornaments. The ornament is an intricate ornate lettering and the ornament made of flowers and plants. The hall of the mosque is designed with golden plates.
It was believed in the region that Balyand mosque is worth imitation. At present time, the age of this mosque is equal to 500 years. It is considered as part of the world heritage by UNESCO.

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