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Chor-Minor madrasah

Chor-Minor madrasah was built in 1807 being sponsored by a wealthy Turkic Caliph Niyazkul. This construction is located on one of the neighborhood streets near the Mazar gates of Bukhara city.

Its architecture differs from the traditional scheme.
The building is complemented with four small minarets vaulted with blue domes, decoration of which is unrepeatable. That is how the building got its name “Chor-Minor” (“Four Minarets”). Three towers were used as subsidiary premises. The ladder is constructed in the fourth minaret which leads to the dome hall on the second floor. It contains an amazing collection of ancient books. Madrasah includes a front yard, complimented by one-layered terrace, pillars in a summer mosque, swimming-pool covered with stone blocks.

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