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Nadir Divan-Begi madrasah

Originally, the madrasah was built as a caravan-sarai. However, at the opening ceremony Imamkuli-khan (1611-1642) following the advice of Sufi sheikhs had congratulated his minister with successful completion of the construction “in the honor of Allah” and suddenly named the building a madrasah.

After this, Nadir Divan-Begi had to adapt caravan-sarai into a madrasah (1630) by complementing the building with terraces, portals and towers as well as newly-built second floor to locate the premises for students. But the lesson room had not been constructed.
The architecture of the monument is individualistic in its well-designed proportions of the facade and the decor amazes with thrilling images of animals and birds on the arks. It can be noted that the front part of the madrasah is slightly template

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