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Kukeldash madrasah

Kukeldash madrasah was constructed in the 16th century during the rule of Ab-dullah-khan the second. This is one of the biggest madrasahs in Bukhara.

It has 160 premises located on two storeys along the perimeter of the front yard. One of the most well-known middle Asian writers of the 20th century, Sadriddin Ayni (1878-1954) was a student of this establishment.
Traditional facades of madrasah are designed with majolica. The main facade near Lyabi-Hauz contains a hall, a mosque and the lesson room (darskhana). The interior of madrasah intrigues the visitors with its mysterious star-shaped lamps made of burned bricks. The decoration of the central portal has been accomplished without using glue or nails.
The most marvelous feature of the madrasah’s architecture is the decorative design of the two main halls of its mosque and the lesson rooms. The dome ceilings of the corridors are impressive; they lead the way from the gates to the front yard.

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