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Bakhouddin Nakshbandi Complex

Bakhouddin Nakshbandi Complex is the most sacred place in Bukhara. The memorial of Bakhouddin Nakshbandi has been constructed throughout 5 centuries. Its center is the rectangle front yard where the grave of sheikh is situated.

Funeral mosques of the 19th century are connected to the front yard. Along the perimeter of the yard the terrace with wooden pillars takes its organic stand. Right by the entrance the visitors may observe a necropolis of Shaybanid governors among whom are buried, Iskander-khan (died in 1583) and his son Abdullah-khan the Second (died in 1589). The biggest building of the memorial is the khanaka with massive dome ceiling at the base of arks. The khanaka is given the name of Abdalazis-khan (died in 1550) which gave the order of its construction.
In the 80s of the 20th century the complex had been reconstructed and today includes: a separate yard with the housing, painted mosques of Kushbegi and Muzaf-farkhan, the minaret, a small madrasah, the gravestone on the burial of a saint and the burial vault of Bukhara governors.

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