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Abdullazis Khan madrasah

Abdul lazis-khan madrasah was built in 1652 in the honor of Bukhara khan Ab-dullazis which died in 1681 and belonged to the Ashtarhanids dynasty (1601-1747).

The madrasah consists of four-premised front yard with portal entrance and cornered terraces.
Abdullazis-khan’s madrasah takes a special stand among the ancient monuments of Bukhara due to its impressive artistic design. The lamps are covered with the decorative painting “kundal” (the colored painting technique with golden cover on the curvy ornament).
The outside decor is overwhelmed with flourishing bushes mosaic. Under dome stalactite systems and well-designed pendentives are applied in the interior as well as various amazing murals. Mythical images of dragons and Semurg bird are presented instead of common geometrical ornament on the walls of the interior. Yellow tones prevail in the color gamma of the imaging.

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