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Bolo-Khauz Complex

Bolo-Hauz is the only monument of medieval culture of Bukhara which consists of the reservoir (hauz), Friday mosque and a minaret. Friday mosque Bolo-Hauz is situated in front of the entrance to Ark, emir fortress.

The complex represents a classic composition of the Central Asian mosque: winter building built in 1712, summer terrace (traditional ceiling) of the 20th century with ornamented ceiling and wooden pillars. Near a small hauz there is a miniature minaret built in 1917 by Usto Shirin.
It is believed that emir had been visiting this place covered with carpets for daily sacred worship.
The most impressive feature of the mosque is the terrace design, whose pillars are grown from two trunks and have complicated stalactitic parts, decorated with flowered and geometrical ornament.

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