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Kalyan Mosque

Friday Kalyan mosque is considered one of the most ancient in Middle Asia.

Archeological excavations point out on the presence of several ancient ground floors on its territory. The inscription at the entrance indicates that the construction of the building had begun approximately in the 15th century and was over ini 514.
The building occupies the area of 1 hectare and has the space for about 10000 of worshipers.
The main entrance, the Eastern one, is decorated with a big portal perfected by mosaic. The portal is situated on the top and few steps lead to the front yard of the mosque. With every step the vaults of the pendentives slide apart and visitors can enjoy the view of the main building of the mosque. Two blue domes rise up at the sides. Kalyan mosque has a rectangular shape with four premises. Colored coverage of the facades is created with the help of mosaic and bricks glazed with special fros.

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