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Magoki Attori Mosque

The most ancient preserved Bukhara mosque Magoki Attari (in translation means “the mosque in the pit”, “deep mosque”) is situated in the center of the city, near the Lyabi Hauz complex.

Before the Arabian conquest, trade market for spices and herbs sellers (the attars) was established at the site of the mosque.
Considerable reconstruction of the monument is attributed to the 12th century when the main facade of the mosque -being the masterpiece of the architectural decor, was encased all over again. In the 16th century this was a small block mosque.
The Magoki Attori Mosque is attributed to the type of so-called closed mosques, with the ceiling on six stone pillars. In 1930 under the layers of soil the southern portal of the mosque was discovered, demonstrating its unique ornamental brick masonry and archaistic ornaments of curvy majolica. This 12th century portal is considered to be one of the most ideal objects of Bukhara architecture.

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