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Ark Citadel

Ark is the most ancient archeological complex of the city. It is a former governmental center. The Registan square (“the poured square”) is situated in front of it.

Its shape is close to an irregular rectangle slightly elongate from west to the east with its south-east angle being slightly cut. The height of the walls is 789.6 metres and its area is 3.96 hectares. The height from the Registan square level is approximated at 16-20 metres.
The front entrance to the Ark is architecturally decorated with two pillars - shaped towers. The upper part of the towers is connected through a gallery with terrace premise built above it. The entrance into the gates of the Ark represents a ramp or a gradually elevating pathway which leads through the covered long corridor to the Djami mosque. Along this corridor there are premises for water and few detention cells.
In the Middle Ages Ark had been an entire city with Emir’s palace, mint, mosques, governmental institutes, storehouses, shops, prison and a square for public meetings contained within it. At those times big leather lash used to hang on one of the walls (the symbol of Emir’s power).

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