Bukhara is the city of poetry and fairytale. Here the legends hover over the zigzags of street tines, here the flight of a human genius dwells in the verticals of the minarets and every stone in the lace of a stone masonry is covered with the dust of eternity.

Khiva is an open-air museum where it is possible to admire each monument infinitely. When evening comes and the moon shines above the minarets tops, the mosques domes and madrasas portals, it seems that you are in a magic city from the "Thousand and One nights ” fairy tale.

SamarkandSamarkand is a city of legends. Here every stone, gully or diket is a vivid reminder of the past. Every district of the city keeps its unique legend as its ancestry. Sometimes legends arise around historical events or places which are dear to all residents of Samarkand.

Tashkent amazes with an impression of the time that stands still, it seems that the past in one moment has interflown in present. The walls of this wonderful city preserve ancient legends and its earth is filled with history.

From about 500 BC to 500 AD, the region of Karakalpakstan was a thriving agricultural area supported by extensive irrigation. The Karakalpak people, who used to be nomadic herders and fishers.

The city of Termez is one of the oldest cities in the world. Based on the excavations carried out in the old Kurgan part of Termez, as well as the analysis of written sources, it became known that the city was founded in the middle of the I millennium BC. On the banks of Oksa (Amudarya). Trade and economic relations were established with such ancient state formations in Asia as Sogdiana, Khorezm, Margiana and Parthia, as well as with India.

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