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Burkhoniddin al-Marghinoniy

The great fakikh (the person who deals with Muslim law) Burkhoniddin al-Marghinoniy was bom on September 23, 1123.

From his childhood he had learnt the Koran by heart, and deeply studied hadis. His teachers were famous scholars of that time.
Al-Marghinoniy studied the doctrines of founders of four main mazhabs (trends) of Sunnis in Islam. He also created several works on fikh (Muslim law). His work “Hidoya” is well-known to the whole Islamic world, was written in 1178 in Samarkand. The work was acknowledged as the accurate, successive and complete one.
“Hidoya” consists of 4 parts and tells about praying and money issues, heritage distribution and prohibited things. The work had been regarded as the main manual of law in many Muslim countries for centuries. Nowadays it is still widely being used in shariat (Muslim code of religious, criminal and civil laws based on the Koran). After the Independence of the Republic it became possible to study the monuments of Islam in Uzbekistan. Besides, the book “Hidoya” which has not lost its value even today and the author’s activities are still waiting for their researchers.
Burkhoniddin al-Marghinoniy played a great role in the right development of teaching Islam and therefore his works are held in high respect today.

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