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Amir Temur

In the middle of the 14th century, a fight for independence against the Mongol Empire, which had begun in Khurasan, reached Movoro-unnahr.

The main reason for the fate of the Mongol Empire was the Central Asian people’s fight for their freedom.
In this fight the great leader and military strategist Amir Temur made his contribution. He spent his whole life fighting against oppression, ending the battles between the Khans and Beks and establishing a strong centralised state. His name was known not only in Turon but all over the world. He became a famous statesman and great military leader of the Uzbek people.
Amir Temur was born on April 9, 1336, in the village of Khujailgor near Shahrisabz. His father was an authoritative rich man whose name was Amir Taragay. His mother Teguna was a noble woman. So he was well educated in his family. He was strong and handsome.
As his father was a rich man, he had many servants. When he was 12 years old he began to rule over them. He knew how to protect the property and how to oversee it. In his early years he was interested in state affairs and military activities. He spent much time in military training and getting a secular education.
When he was a young man, he took part in wars between various land owners. He was a courageous horseman and he knew military affairs very well. During one of the battles his leg and hand were injured. His hand soon fully recovered but his leg remained lame.
In Europe he was called Tamerlane. His knowledge of geography, medicine, history and astronomy always astonished scholars.

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