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Abu Nasr Farobiy

Abu Nasr Farobiy was a famous philosopher who had largely contributed to the world’s culture. He was born in 873 in Syrdarya, in Farab village.

He went to study to Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand to get education. He learned the Greek language and philosophy, medicine and logic there. Farobiy knew about seven languages.
Farobiy wrote more than 160 works. For instance “Substance”, “Sky Movements”, “Book about Law”, “Syllogism”, “Logic”, “Philosophy”, “Astrology”, “Music”, “Rhetoric”, “Poem and Rhyme” and “Parts of Human Body” are among them. These works were dedicated to philosophy, astronomy, logic, arithmetic, geometry, physics, chemis-try, biology, medicine, poetry, linguistics, ethics and even to subjects as music.
Farobiy worked out his own doctrine on the existence of universe. Farobiy logical thinking had helped to develop logical thoughts. Yet he founded the doctrine about ruling the country. It tells us that he was a leading politician of his time.
Farobiy was also known as a great musician by his work “The book of music”. Many scholars of Europe have learnt his heritage with diligence. Today there are streets, schools and libraries named after him in Uzbekistan.

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