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Abu Mansur al-Moturudiy, a great Tavkhid scientist, was born in the village of Moturud near Samarkand. He received his initial education there as well. There is little information about this scholar and his date of birth is still unknown. We only know that he died in 945, in Samarkand. He created some works on the science of Tavkhid (Secrets of Almighty), such as “Kitob at-Tavkhid” (A book on Unity of the Universe), “Kitob al-Makofat” (The book on levels of religiousness and the bases of religion), and “Kitob Tavilot al-Qur’on” (The book of comments to Koran).

Besides, the works as “Kitob Makhaz ash-Shariya” (The sources of Muslim legislation), “Kitob al-Jadal” (A book on dialectics), and “Kitob al-Usul” (On the basis of Islamic legislation) belonged to his pen too. These works were about the bases and rules of shariat. Moreover, it covered different subjects and dialectics was among them. His works were widely spread among people.
Abu Mansur al-Moturudiy had spent all his life in Samarkand and had produced a lot of apprentices there. In short, he was a person who had greatly contributed to the expansion and intact descending of Islam to upcoming generation. He is considered to be a mature Islamic scientist of his time and is recognised by the scholars of Islamic world.
In 2000, the scholar’s 1130th anniversary was widely celebrated in our country.

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