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Abu Iso Muhammad at-Termiziy was one of the greatest scholars in hadis collecting. He was born in 824 in Termez in the ordinary family. From his childhood he had an inquiring mind and intellect and capable to learn things quickly which made him distinguished among his friends. He studied religious and secular studies, and especially he received deep knowledge in hadis. For this purpose, he went to Iraq, Mecca, Medina and Khurasan and spent some years by studying there.

Most of his works have been preserved up to now. They are as follows: “Payg‘ambarning alohida fazilatlari” (Prophet’s individual qualities), “Taqvo haqida kitob” (The book about belief), “Ismlar va laqablar haqida kitob” (The book about names and nicknames), “Hadislardagi bahslar haqida kitob” (The book about discussions in hadises).
“Al-jome” (collective) is the most famous work among others which consists of a trustful collection of hadises. Another important work is “Payg‘ambarning alohida fazilatlari” (Prophet’s individual qualities). This work included 408 hadises of the Prophet’s life. At present the copies of this book is being kept in Tashkent.
Muhammad at-Termiziy became famous as a mature scholar of hadis science and made a lot of apprentices. He lived in such scientific atmosphere to the end of his life, and died in 892 in Termez. He left us rich and large scientific heritage. In 1990 we celebrated his 1200th anniversary with great magnificence.

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