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Al-Hakim at-Termiziy

Al-Hakim at-Termiziy was one of the famous scholars of hadis science. He died in 869 AD. The scientist lived in the 9th century and wrote some important works.

Till he was 25 he studied in the cities of Movorounnahr. When he was 27 he made haj (pilgrimage) and then stayed in Baghdad where he continued his education. Later he described this in his work "Bad’u Sha’ni Abu Abdulloh” which was dedicated to his own biography. He also mentioned in tnis book that he had not received sufficient knowledge yet. Besides, he had known Koran by heart. He calmed his soul by reading it.
Al-Hakim at-Termiziy was a scientist with deep knowledge who showed mistakes and shortcomings of other scholars in his works. Due to his deep critical thinking, he touched upon the works of some Islamic philosophers as well, where he expressed his criticism by revealing their mistakes.
Al-Hakim at-Termiziy wrote more than 400 priceless works. And only 57 of them have reached our hands. The following works, “Nazoirul Qur’on”, “Navodirul-usul”, “Ursul-muvahiddin” and “Khatmul viloya” which are about aqoid (the measures which should be beUeved at), and “Isbotul-ilashish sharia”, “Kitobul-manokhiy” and “Kitobu sharhis-salot” devoted to matters of shariat belonged to his pen.
The mausoleum of the famous scholar al-Hakim at-Termiziy is situated in Old Termez at the bank of the river Amu Darya. Thanks to independence al-Hakim at-Termiziy’s mausoleum has become a sacred place of our nation.

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