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Imam al-Bukhoriy

This great scientist of hadis was born on July 20, 810. Al-Bukhoriy lost his father when he was very young and was brought up by his mother.

From his childhood he was very clever, curious and had a quick memory. He had been learning hadises which he had heard since he was 10. In purpose of learning he had made many trips and had taken lessons from over 90 great scientists of those times. Although his hometown was Bukhara he had lived for some periods in Cairo, Damascus, and Baghdad. He had his own apprentices and he taught in madrasahs. According to some sources he had known about 6000 hadises by heart.
Imam al-Bukhoriy left us great scientific inheritance. The number of his works is over 20. For example “A1 jome as-sahih”, “A1 adab al-mufrad”, “Al-tarih”, “Kitob al-kuna”, "Asomi us-sahoba” and etc. And the most important of them is “A1 jome as-sahih” which comprises of 40,000 reliable collection of hadises and it is next in the importance after Koran in Islam. Imam al-Bukhoriy died from serious ilness on September 1, 870 in Samarkand. In 1998 we celebrated his 1225th birthday and his monument was rebuilt, Today Tashkent State University of Islam is named after Imam al-Bukhoriy.

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