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The great mathematician, astronomer and geographer Muhammad ibn Muso al-Khorazmiy was born in 783 in Khorezm and grew up there.

Astronomy and mathematics were highly developed in ancient Khorezm, and it promoted his interest to these subjects. He wrote more than 20 works, but now only 10 of them left. These works were devoted to algebra, arithmetic, geography and astronomy. Al-Khorazmiy was the founder of algebra. “Al-jabr” is the biggest algebraic work which has three manuscripts written by him are being kept in the museums of Kabul, Medina and Oxford University.
He wrote his astronomic work “Zij” about in 830s. This work is about various planets, their moving and trigonometry and it consists of 37 units. Many scientists used this work. He lived in such scientific atmosphere and died in 850 in Baghdad. His ideas caused to develop mathematics and astronomy. Khorazmiy’s works are saved in different libraries of the world. Nowadays various streets and organisations are named after his name in our country.


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