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The famous scientist of history Khondamir was born about in 1473-1476 in the family of a minister in Herat. He profoundly studied history and literature and won the fame as the great scholar of his time. The greatest poet Alisher Navoi had made a big contribution to him. He allowed to a future scientist to use the books of his rich library and yet Navoi was a scientific adviser to Khondamir’s scientific works.

Khondamir lived in many different countries for different reasons. In 1528 he went to Agra, the capital of India, to the kingdom of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur and thus left his motherland Herat forever. There he continued his creative works and produced a lot of apprentices. He died in 1534 in the city of Mandu and was buried in Delhi.
Khondamir created 13 works and only 8 of them remained nowadays. In his works as “Maosir il-Muluk” (The History of Kings), “Bayon ul-ahvol ul ahyor” (Merciful People), and “Makorim ul-ahlok” (Noble Behaviour) he described different scholars and kings. They were mainly devoted to Alisher Navoi. The events of 1522 were depicted in his another novel called “Nomai noma” (Well-known Names). However his greatest work was “Habib us-siyar” (Information about Human Beings) where he narrated the happenings which took place in the history of Central Asia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Another his famous work “Humoyunnoma” was devoted to the king of India, Humoyun Mirzo.
According to this mentioned information Khondamir was a scientist who had heavily contributed to the culture of Central Asia, Afghanistan and India.

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