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Kamoliddin Behzod

The member of Renaissance and Alisher Navoi’s apprentice, the great artist and miniaturist Kamoliddin Behzod was born in 1455 in a poor family in Herat.

He lost his parents as a child and was brought up by the famous painter Mirak Nakkosh. He learned from him the secrets of carving. Due to his inquisitive mind and being a hard-worker, his talent was increasing day by day. Soon he became popular as an artist in Herat.
In 1512 he went to the city of Tabriz, where he spent 25 years of his life continuing his creative works. Nevertheless, he returned to his hometown Herat and later in 1537 died there.
Kamoliddin Behzod left very rich heritage to his generations. At present, his 30 paintings and various miniatures are known to us. He created the images of Husayn Baykaro, Abdurahmon Jomiy, and Shaybonikhon with great proficiency. Yet more than 40 miniatures depicted with the meetings of Husayn Baykaro and the pictures drawn to the works of different scholars scored him big successes both in the East and West.
Another his contribution to the development of art was the establishment of his school which he named by his own name “Behzod”.
Behzod left an unforgotten trace in history and his creative works have been respected up to now. And the wide celebration of his 545th birthday in 2000 is a perfect example of it.

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