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Sharafiddin Ali Yazdiy was one the historians who left an unforgotten name in history. He was bom in the end of the 14th century. Unfortunately, there is no exact source where his date of birth is mentioned. Yazdiy was bom in the city of Yazd (the city located in the central part of Iran), in a scholar family. He was brought up in the learning atmosphere from his childhood and mastered a lot of subjects. Therefore, he left rich scientific-literary legacy concerning literature, linguistics, poetry, and philosophy.

Yazdiy spent his whole life in his hometown and created his scientific works. The work that made him very famous yet in his time to Central Asia, the Middle and Central East was “Zafamoma”, devoted to the history of Temurids. This work was based on the real historic events and, it is the evidence of the author to be one of the leading historians of that time.
Moreover, he wrote such works as “Muammo va topish-moqlar” (Problems and quizzes), “Tahlil” (Analyses) “Usturlob ishi” (The Science of Astrolabe), “Sherlar to‘plami” (Collection of Poems), and “Munshaot” (Collection of Letters). He wrote comments to various works as well.
Owing to “Zafamoma” of Yazdiy, a lot of information about the Temurids’ epoch and some new pages of the history have been opened. Sharafiddin Ali Yazdiy died in 1454 in his hometown Yazd.

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