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The National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan


The flag of our country is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Republic.

The national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan represents the country internationally when official delegations from Uzbekistan visit foreign countries, as well as at conferences, world exhibitions and sports competitions.
The national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a right-angled coloured cloth consisting of three horizontal stripes: blue, white and green.
Blue is the symbol of the sky and water, which are the main sources of life. Mainly blue was the colour of the state flag of Temur. White is the traditional symbol of peace and good luck, as Uzbek people say “Oq yo‘1”. Green is the colour of nature and new life and good harvest. Two thin red stripes symbolise the power of life. There is a new moon which symbolises the newly independent republic. There are twelve stars which represent the 12 provinces in Uzbekistan.


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